Get to Know Us

Uplifting HER Inc. is established to provide mentoring, training, education and guidance to our young ladies. We focus on assisting them in bringing forth the skills they have buried inside themselves in so that they will realize that they have the power to move upwards rather than in despairing circles.

Uplifting HER Inc. strives to take these urban middle school through college-age young ladies, who often face difficult situations, such as poverty and violence, to another level. We provide them with resources to become college-bound, career-focused, professional women.

With our assistance, the young ladies participating in our programs will learn that they are in charge of making their dreams become their destinies. They will know that they have choices as well as the tools to make more well informed decisions. These choices and decisions will lead them in receiving their college educations, build skills to become successful entrepreneurs and / or business owners. With our help and perseverance, they will know that they do not have to limit their challenges, instead they must challenge their limits!

Uplifting HER Inc. instills in our young ladies that the sky is not the limit. Their dreams don’t have to just be dreams. We are here to help them make their dreams become their REALITIES!
We know that each of our young ladies are special and talented in their own way. It is up to Uplifting HER Inc. to sharpen their minds and give them the fuel they need to elevate themselves. We will do this through education, counseling, mentoring, support, and by allowing them to broaden their minds through exposure to things outside their direct communities.